Club Atlético Fernández Fierro hosts Orquesta Típica Canyengue and Taborband

Taborband and Orquesta Típica Canyengue arrive on the stages of the on Friday 12th.
Quena Taborda is a musician, and works as a composer, arranger, conductor, bandoneonist and restless researcher of new musical horizons.
He currently presents his most recent instrumental compositions at the head of La TaborBand, composed of four bandoneons, electric and acoustic violin, electric guitar, double bass and electric bass, and drums.
Quena seeks to reflect in her new work the contemporary Buenos Aires from a new tango sonority through which she exposes her palette rich in moods, emotions and sensitivity, describing the urban vibration and the intimate world as a kind of Buenos Aires blues. The songs have the aroma of tango and Rioplatense climate, succeeding each other as a collection of emotional postcards of our time.
Since the 90s, Quena has been part of different tango formations, from the traditional typical orchestras to quintets and ensembles with innovative sonorities.
The opening of the show will be in charge of the Orquesta Típica Canyengue, belonging to La Academia Tango Club.