The Center for Musical Internationalization of the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires), “IMUBA” launched the Diploma in Tango starting in 2022. IMUBA is intended to value and disseminate Argentine music abroad, based on the idea of promoting the circulation of cultural goods, generating scenarios of meeting, integration and training of industry players.

The course is aimed at all those who have a genuine interest in any aspect of tango: its music, its history, its dance, its poetry, its language. The pedagogical proposal is open. There are no requirements: no selection tests, no previous knowledge, no diplomas or school certificates. Attendance is spontaneous. The subjects will be taught with the seriousness and depth of the university level.

There are 8 subjects of 16 hours that will be dictated bimonthly, completing the course in one academic year.

The course of the Diploma is face-to-face and involves 4 hours per week over two four-month periods. However, this Plan of Studies may be adapted to be taught by means of distance learning.

The proposed fee is as follows:
Residents in Argentina: $ 8.000
Residents abroad: Euros 100


Introduction to the history of tango
The musical studies of tango
Introduction to lunfardo (slang)
Tango and politics
The tango lyrics
Evolution of tango dance
Tango in the cinema and the media
Current tango


César Albornoz
Eduardo Bernal
Rubén Beremblum
Andrea Bohrn
Oscar Conde
Dulce María Dalbosco
Matías Mauricio
Gabriel Soria
Gustavo Varela

INFORMATION AND PRE-ENROLLMENT: diplomaturatango@economicas.uba.ar