Tango: From the arraval to the stage. A 2021 documentary by legendary stars.

Big premiere 25 /9 at 13hs. Argentina / 18hs Europe with live streaming by Krishna
In the run-up to the Tango World Cup Final! Via streaming only this one time.
A documentary by Maria Nieves Rego, Milena Plebs and Hugo Mastrolorenzo. Three great dancers who knew how to open new doors for tango.
(Event of free access but made by an independent productions so we hope that,if you can, please donate to the corresponding links – those who really can’t afford it, are invited).

Interview: KrishnaOlmedo.
Director: Dario Lobo.
Sound mixing: Guido Toro.
Assistance and photography: Araceli Richelet.
General production: Daniel Fratantoni Vidale, Carlos Alberto Coronel and Krishna Olmedo.
A co-production:
Alberto Castillo Foundation.
Pipí Cucú Producciones.
Tango will be Popular or it will be nothing.

Special thanks to Silvia Toscano and Natacha Poberaj.