Aurora Lubiz launched “Tangos, Historias Simples”

Tangos, Historias Simples
8th, 18th and 25th November
Galpón artístico de Caballito, Av. Avellaneda 1356 – CABA

A show built on an interweaving of different arts on stage, directed by Aurora Lubiz and inspired by her own experiences. “I thought and searched inside my own stories and that’s where the name appeared, Tango, hitorias simples”. It’s a work emerged from small stories lived throughout the director’s life in encounters with others.

The director sets out to get the viewer carried away by the sensations triggered by the stories, that he or she can enter the musical world of a more stylized and less heard or traditional tango. In fact, she introduced musics from outside the tango universe.

And the team has a great generational and artistic diversity both on and behind stage.

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